New Biodynamic Line!

New Biodynamic Line!

Available Spring 2009

Certified Organic Products with Biodynamic Ingredients

Eminence Organics is proud to announce that we have gone Biodynamic! This spring, Eminence is once again proving to be a leader in the industry by being among the first in the world with a new collection of organic skin care products with biodynamic ingredients. This hypoallergenic and clinically-tested skin care line is created with the finest and most potent ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, while preserving the earth through biodynamic farming and unparalleled green practices. Experience all nine new products available in the finest spas and medi-spas worldwide in Spring 2009!

So what is “Biodynamic” farming?

A controlled biodynamic farm must meet all organic standards, such as the prohibited use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fungicides. The biodynamic approach goes even further, requiring disciplined soil enrichment, labor-intensive fieldwork, constant observation, and ongoing, intuitive awareness. A biodynamic farmer maintains a close connection with the land and develops a self-contained ecosystem, harmonizing the cultivated land with the surrounding environment where, ideally, only farm-produced organic composts and manure amend the soil and pruning, planting, and the applications of special preparations are done with the lunar cycles.

With this earth friendly approach, you can trust that this new collection will be just as friendly for your skin.  The hypoallergenic and clinically tested Biodynamic Collection includes  9 new products designed for all skin types including sensitive skins.